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Frequently Asked Questions

A hand holding a cannabis leaf

How much product is needed per sample?

Quality Laboratories require:

  • Full Panel Testing - 5 grams for Primary and 5 grams for Reserve per test

  • Individual R&D Testing - 2 grams per test

  • Micro R&D Testing - 3 grams per test

Check out the Forms tab for more information about sampling procedure.

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What is the best procedure for sample collection?

  • Choose a clean container.

  • Wear gloves and be mindful about what is being touched.

  • Avoid adding any foreign materials with the sample, like paper or humidity pack.

  • Seal containers tightly.

  • Aim for same day deliver of samples.

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Why is the potency result low for my sample?

The potency result of a product can be low due to various factors. These include genetics, environmental conditions during cultivation, cultivation practices, conservation methods, and the specific parts of the plant used. Considering these factors and ensuring proper management can help optimize potency levels in the final product.

A male lab technician looking through a microscope in a lab coat

My sample tested positive for Microbials, is my product ruined?

When it comes to testing for microbials like yeast or mold, it is important to understand that if a sample fails, it does not necessarily mean that the entire product is ruined. There are a few options available to handle such situations.

Remediation involves taking steps to eliminate or reduce the presence of microbials in the product. This can be done through methods such as heat treatment or use of antimicrobial agents. Remediation allows for salvaging the product and ensuring its safety for consumption.

 Seeking guidance from experts like Quality Labs can provide further assistance in navigating through this situation.

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How long does it take for results to be posted?

At Quality Labs, we understand the importance of time-sensitive results. We strive to provide our clients with a quick turnaround time without compromising the quality of our tests. Our streamlined processes and efficient workflows enable us to deliver accurate results between 2-4 business days, allowing you to make informed decisions in a timely manner.

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My sample failed for Pesticides, Mycotoxins, or Heavy Metals.. what now?

 Unfortunately, any sample that tests positive for any of the above must be disposed of. Adhering to OMMA regulations means disposing of failed test samples for pesticides, mycotoxins, or heavy metals to maintain the safety and integrity of cannabis products. By following the prescribed disposal process, businesses can ensure compliance, safeguard public health, and contribute to the overall credibility of the industry.

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