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Questions regarding OMMA  Testing Processes?

Whats the best way to collect my sample for testing?

Choose a Clean Container:

Contamination is everywhere, even on items we think we've cleaned very well. Q Cann Labs recommends utilizing a food grade, one-time use container for collection, such as a sealable plastic bag.

Wear Gloves and Be Mindful:

Our skin is a common point of yeast and mold contamination for cannabis. Ensure a clean pair of gloves are worn during collection of samples for analysis. Change gloves between samples and avoid touching common surfaces.

No Foreign Materials:

When identifying your strains, please label the container the sample is in. We do not recommend adding cards or papers in with your sample as the sterility of these items cannot be guaranteed.

Seal Containers Tightly:

Ensure the container used for collection is completely sealed. Screw jar caps tightly and ensure plastic bag seals are snapped closed. Containers that are open can be exposed to possible contamination risks.

Same Day Collection:

Aim for same day delivery of collected samples to the laboratory. For optimal results, avoid collecting samples days prior to analysis.

Why is my potency low?

Cannabinoids levels vary for different reasons including genetics, environment, cultivation, and conservation. Having leaves, stems, and/or seeds in your product can affect your potency. 

How long before I get my results?

You will get your results in 5 business days barring no issues (Electricity, Machines, etc). Day 1 starts the day after you drop off samples.

I failed on microbials, is my product ruined?

NO! There are a few things you can do. You can have your product cleaned or you can sell your product to a processor. Failed Microbials Link . . .

How much product do I need to bring to be tested?

  • OMMA/METRC requires 5 grams for the Primary and 5 for the Reserve Sample.

  • For Individual Testing, we require 2 grams per test

I failed for Pesticides, Mycotoxins, or heavy metals, now what?

Unfortunately, OMMA regulations requires disposal of samples that have failed for Pesticides, Mycotoxins, and/or Heavy Metals

OMMA Disposal Facilities

Did your product fail Microbials?

  • If you failed for microbials, you have options. You can have it cleaned to get rid of the microbials or you can sell your product to a processor.

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